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General Qualities of Dirt Armor:

Adds strength, durability, and life span to roads
Increases in-situ soil density
Improves load bearing capacity
Demonstrates resistance to wear and tear even as a surface course
Logistically favorable
Non-reversible chemical process
Authorized Regional Distributor for DRP
 (Dallas Roadway Products)
Dirt Armor (SA-44/LS-40), is an environmentally friendly, lignin based, proprietary liquid solution, that is specifically utilized for soil stabilization. It is used predominantly in road construction or reconstruction, trail preparation, and foundational projects such as building and well support.
We are please to announce that Escobar Company has become a Regional Distributor for   DRP also known as DirtArmor.

If you have any question concerning DirtArmor please don't hesitate to contact us. For Technical information feel free to visit site at www.DirtArmor.net

Strength Enhancements:
40-50% increases vs. untreated soil
Associated “thickness” savings when designing via “CBR Method”
Compatible with use of recycled asphalt and or concrete melts
CBR increases of ½ to 2/3
Reduced soil shrinkage as result of chemical bonding.

Benefits of Using Dirt Armor:
Increased load bearing capacity
Firmer road surface
80-90% dust abatement
Reduced frost heave damage
Reduced need for crushed rock foundation
Reduced maintenance
Ability to incorporate native clay soils in road projects.